Tales of good and perfect characters are archaic

Hi there fellow gamers, what are characters in video games if not an extreme version of characters from the real world. Games need to return to black-and-white morality – the sickie rebuttal is our answer to the article we saw on Polygon. The article addresses the morality of characters; as an opinion piece, the author conveys the point that we return to more straightforward black and white morality in video games.

The article begins by discussing the different types of characters in AAA titles. Some of the arguments that the author states are valid. The argument is that more straightforward morality and a good vs. evil trope make for better or better feeling video games.

emotions, drives, and dilemmas that are also 3D

Games becoming 3D means we got not only a physically 3D character but also one with emotions, drives, and dilemmas that are also 3D, and can be both good and bad. It’s a good read until we get towards the end, where we are given the real credence of the article, I am wrong, and you are a white fascist. “Unlike fiction, allowing a sense of moral dilemma over both sides, particularly in the current era of burgeoning social change, reinforces the kinds of false equivalencies that might slow down social change.”

I agree with most of that, but to progress your moral “right” or what you perceive to be “black” or “white”, is dangerous when it means the shut down of dissenting opinions. When I started this blog some four years ago we were warming up to the Trump administration. Everyone began to argue, hence why I refuse to include politics on here.

Our heroes being corruptible is how we learn

My favourite TV show that I refuse to re-watch because it depresses me, The Wire, shows us how heroes can be corrupted and that villains can be justified. “We don’t need more redemption stories about villains or tales about the corruptibility of heroes” I disagree. All the heroes in this world – maybe we don’t need them?. We have outgrown them. Our heroes being corruptible is how we learn that perhaps we don’t need prime ministers, presidents, queens, and leaders. Even when we have them, we should have them be held accountable for their actions.

We don’t need more redemption stories about villains or tales about the corruptibility of heroes

Khee Hoon Chan
Morality in video games is meant to be complicated

The writer has had enough of the calamities of 2020; they are correct to feel that way because I feel the same, we are in agreement. Games need to return to black-and-white morality, I agree with the writer, but I know we shouldn’t do it. Let us just plow through the shitiness that is 2020. scrutinising our heroes. Let us keep rolling out Hollywood stars to be shamed and arrested for the horrendous crimes they have committed. Lets keep protesting each other until we find a middle ground.

“grey” is unpredictable.

Morality in video games is complicated because we are complicated. The last of us 2 was not my favourite game. But the fact they tried to show us both bad and good in our bad and good characters is admirable. Like the article suggests the “grey” is unpredictable. I came into this to write a rebuttal but since I cant help but look at it from all angles. I ended up agreeing and disagreeing with the author at the same time.

you look a little grey
The characters that challenge the narrative, that games need to return to black-and-white morality
Joseph Seed
Ellie Miller
Abby Anderson
Niko Belic

We all yearn for simplicity in this complete cluster f%$c that is the world we are living in, but I remember one of the most interesting moments of my childhood was learning how messed up the original fairy tales were before Disney remade them. In my humble, uneducated opinion – the complicated honest world is a sign we are moving forward. “Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise“, Silvia Biagioni. Games need to return to black-and-white morality, what happens when they do?. Black-and-white morality is no longer achievable and even though there is a lot of noise around, maybe its the sign that we are about to come out the other end. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise

Silvia Biagioni
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