Hi there fellow gamers, what do you dream about? I dream about conquering the world one day. Luckily for us, I am slightly to the left of stupid and ugly. So a career in politics or any positions of power is not in my cards. A Total War Saga: Troy review will look at what this game has to offer within the first three hours and a final recommendation to gamers. If you can’t be bothered reading through my review, I recommend the game as a fun pass time. Especially fun if you managed to snatch it up for free, when EPIC had the promotion on their store.

To quickly recap this is a first three hours review, where I play the first three hours of a game and decide whether it is worth continuing.

The Setting


The first difference between this and the other Total War games is that the size of the map is smaller than what we have seen. A Total War Saga: Troy is set in Ancient Greece and takes another step into fantasy and away from reality for the Total War franchise. There are minotaurs, centaurs, giants, and more. Not my thing, but i did enjoy it – the mythological warriors transferred well from Total War: Warhammer series.

Alongside the mythological creatures you also get a heap of heroes with different abilities as they lead your army. These abilities are fun to watch and the duels between heroes is entertaining and another welcome feature from the Warhammer and Three Kingdoms additions.

The Gameplay


The gameplay is very busy in a Total War Saga: Troy, the gods are constantly looking for you to appease them, your enemies are aggressive. Like a drunk Irishmen looking for a fight, they shove and provoke you. After the Orlando Bloom looking bloke cuckolds the Spartan king, it plunges the Aegean into war.

This game is based on the Illiad, the Odyssey, or any other ancient greek epic. That means that everyone is kind of a dick. Sometimes your neighbors will randomly ask you for resources but offer you nothing in return, master negotiators if you ask me. The game introduces you to not only stressing about gold and food, but you’ll also need wood, stone, and bronze. The resource management is one component; there is also the gods to consider – you will need to sacrifice. If you don’t, sacrafice then it could lead to earthquakes and unfaithful women. Maybe my lack of praise to Aphrodite is why women leave me.

My Conclusion


To the conclusion of A Total War Saga: Troy review, is this game worth it?, why is it worth it?. The game is a bit of a shakeup from Thrones of Brittania and has enough going for it to be worth playing. I enjoy this game, and the first three hours did make me want to continue; its only problem is that I am waiting for Medieval Total War 3, and this won’t scratch that itch. I suggest you get this game and prepare for war, take the journey from one of the eight factions, and indulge your warlord fantasies. Did you enjoy this game? if not let me know why in the comments below.


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