Hi there fellow gamers, the 5th console wars as I call it, has a lesser-known contestant. The Atari VCS is releasing later this year, and it is coming with a new twist to the console formula.

Packs a punch


The Atari VCS will feature an AMD Ryzen processor that is capable of 4K HDR video streaming as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. It will also come pre-installed with 100 home arcade classics, while the PC Sandbox mode will turn it into a PC that can run Windows, among other operating systems.

According to Michael Arzt, the COO at Atari VCS, the system will be versatile and have upgradability options, including external hard drives and two DDR4 slots, which can handle up to 32GB Ram each. In terms of graphics, it arrives with Radeon “Vega” Graphics technology to offer the power of mid-tier gaming PCs in a form factor.

Classic Charms


As the technical specs of this look pretty hefty and capture our imagination. The look and feel are quite retro, even coming with a wooden front and a classic themed joystick and controller.

The VCS is somewhere between a PC and gaming console, releasing in November it will have two pricing tiers, $699 and $849. The cheaper model includes an 8GB Atari VCS, which does not come with a controller. While the $849 “all in bundle” consists of the Atari VCS Classic Joystick and the Atari VCS Modern Controller. Michael Arzt has done a Q&A on the Atari VCS for, which I recommend for a more in-depth dive.

The conclusion

So what does all this mean, the competitive nature of the console wars is heating up. There is room for the Atari VCS, this little console coming in with a reasonable price for a console with the power of a low-end PC. I like the idea of a hybrid machine, half consoles, and half PC; My PC was secretly shtupping my PS4, I knew it. I am looking forward to seeing if this old dog can learn a new trick.

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