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Hi there fellow gamers, the Swedes are known for many things, meatballs, tall and blonde, saunas, and possibly their greatest pride – hard to assemble furniture. IKEA gaming furniture built with help from pro gamers is coming soon.

30 gaming-related products

The products being developed are due for release in China, sometime in February 2021. If you wonder why China, well, that’s where the largest concentration of gamers are – they even have rehabilitation centers there. IKEA taking on the gaming accessories category is a sign of it going from niche to the mainstream. To develop these products, IKEA has teamed up with Asus brand republic of gamers (ROG).

IKEA is aiming to create 30 pieces of ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories. As quoted, IKEA has said that “increase performance while also blend in beautifully to homes“. IKEA gaming furniture is not a new concept to them as they already supply some chairs and desks for gamers, but more so with a home office in mind.

As Chinas 720 million gamers eagerly await the new range from IKEA. Gamers in the west are left waiting with envy for this range. Gaming furniture is often futuristic with sharp colors and lights wherever we can add them. Still, as a dude picking furniture with my partner, I want more subtle gaming furniture. so she won’t keep fighting me over it!.

In addition to IKEA, Herman Miller, a modern furniture maker, also recently entered the gaming furniture market. These however, are also not available in Australia. What can a man do but hope IKEA moves quicker than Herman Miller. Gaming is intense on a persons posture and especially once you move into that e-sports realm where you are spending at the very least 8 hours a day of training.

Uzi an e-sports player who retired at age 23 citing shoulder pain as one of the reasons. Uzis team blamed “injuries accumulated over eight years of high intensity training”. The older gamers become the more fragile they become. I am thirty one with existing back pain, so this can’t come soon enough and I hope it helps.

Herman Miller Gaming set
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