Ghost Of Tsushima – A Visual Essay

Hi there fellow gamers, what is a Swan song?. A Swan song is a final gesture or final performance before death or retirement. The PlayStation 4 has given me seven years of entertainment, late nights, baggy eyes – sure, it sounds like a jet engine because of its age, but it still does the job. Ghost Of Tsushima – a visual essay is my swan song of the swan song of Playstation 4 games.

The Ghost Of Tsushima is the sometimes surprising swan song, we all thought it would be The Last Of Us Part II, but most of us didn’t like that game. Exceptionally executed and long time waiting for it, but it couldn’t withstand Jin from clan Sakai. A swift left swing of his Samurai sword, Jin has managed to slay The Last Of Us Part II. As you traverse my Ghost Of Tsushima – a visual essay I would like you to look at the story behind it, the tradition, the time is taken to study the history, and don’t forget to Dosho.

As a gamer, I appreciated my time spent with Ghost Of Tsushima; the world was well built, the action was packed into the game, and the coolness cranked high. The dueling system is good enough itself to carry the game, but it is not just that. Fight honorable, the weather is consistently pleasant for you. If you begin to assassinate your enemies and drift away from the Samurai code, the weather worsens, and it rains more. If you haven’t played the Ghost Of Tsushima, then do yourself a favor and get on it; it will leave a better taste in your mouth than The Last Of Us II.

Enjoy this visual Essay