Lead them or fall! in 2014, Dragon Age: Inquisition came out to critical acclaim. This fantasy game became the decades best RPG and one of my personal favorites on the current consoles. October is traditionally a month for horror games, for obvious reasons – Halloween and whatnot.

But for this one time, there is the offer to purchase the decades best RPG for $4.99 on the PlayStation store. This offer is valid until November 3rd. Gather your crew of adventurers and take time to explore the world of Dragon Age. You are working your way through the world with its diverse characters, dynamic combat. The relationship system between characters where everything you do can change the dynamics between you and your teammates.

The main mission of Dragon Age: Inquisition will take you 47 hours to complete. The thirteen district regions give players a diverse set of biomes, creatures, and side characters for you to lose yourself in. A player can get one hundred and twenty-seven hours of occupation and fantasy RPG indulgence.

The PlayStation 4 store’s offer is not limited to Dragon Age Inquisition and offers people the opportunity to catch up on some other titles from the decade. The sale is all apart of the company’s Halloween sales, which provides more than 100 heavy-hitting franchises. The current installation of Dragon Age 4 is still in production and looking at an April 2022 release date.

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