Console Wars

PlayStation or Xbox?

Playstation or Xbox?

Hi there fellow gamers, have you ever asked yourself – PlayStation or Xbox? I will answer that question for you. The answer to PlayStation or Xbox is neither!. My fellow gamers, I need you to press F for me, my partner and I have bought a place together, and as we begin our life of debt, I can’t afford a PlayStation or Xbox. I tried to start a fans only page, but people are not attracted to an obese man in his thirties.

As the debate still rages fiercely over the next platform of choice for gamers, with additions from Google, a reduction in price for the RTX 3080, and even rumors of a Nintendo Switch 2. The fierce competition between these key players is a good thing; why? Because the profits of this competition will flow through to us. The headling to this article is PlayStation or Xbox, but there is more to this story – including a comeback from the former king of consoles. The Atari machine which is a potent blend of console and PC. However, this means nothing to me; My Fans only career still has not taken off, meaning that I still can’t afford any of the mentioned console war contenders.

What will you do?

You might ask yourself, why have you posted this? Well – I am very interested in what way people are leaning. Once I find a way to acquire $750 AUD, which will probably be a form of prostitution mixed with pity from fellow human beings, I will purchase the PlayStation 5. What are you investing your money into? and why? I am going for the PlayStation 5 because I already have a decent gaming rig, along with a Nintendo switch – however! if I didn’t have my gaming rig, I would probably sway towards the Xbox Series X, even though the name is confusing.

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