Hi fellow gamers, who knows better than your mother? The Australian government knows best, especially when it comes to rating video games. Video gaming in Australia is taboo, even though increasing numbers of gamers and the demographic makeup are becoming more diverse. At our heart and soul, we are a conservative protestant society, which has awesome benefits. Still, when it comes to indulging my morbid desires, it can be restricting.

The Medium

This instance is not the first time the wrath of The classification board unleashed on a game developer. Day Z had attempted to add weed into its games and was pulled from Steam. Another example of companies getting into trouble involves The Witcher 2, when in the game, Geralt is offered sex as a reward; this forced them to modify it for Australian audiences. Possibly the most ironic component of this is that now and again, we catch our politicians with their pants down. But alas The Australian government knows best.

With the Australian government knowing best, what does that mean for the Xbox exclusive The Medium?. The rating for The Medium currently stands as Refused Classification rating; this means that the medium is banned until the application has been rectified.

The History


The history of the government interfering with video games is long and varied, but it seems to be deeply rooted in a distrust of new media in Australia. At the moment, we are looking at trying to get a royal commission into our local media’s family monopoly; Mr Murdoch is too heavily involved in everything. We actively try to save cable television by throttling our internet speeds (that’s a conspiracy theory of mine). Even the media is more anti-video games than in other countries. A woman beater happened to abuse his partner on a live stream, and video games came in as the secondary reason. The Medium should be classified soon, and we can be scared shitless playing it. But the aura of conservative classifications hangs heavy with us.

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