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Four Corners wants to hear from you

Hi there fellow gamers. Are you tired of getting a bad rep? Do you have a spare minute? Then this is the perfect article for you. In writing what looks to debate, gaming’s effects on people . As expected from MSM, it slams it as usually associated with Teenage boys and harming mental health.  Four Corners wants to hear from you is not only the title of this post, its what four corners wants. Complete the survey at the bottom of their article to have your opinions heard.


Why is it important to have your response noted to the ABC?. As gaming has evolved, we need to put this forward as a fact to the rest of the world, who are not gamers. Don’t get me wrong, some of us suck, and I have thrown a controller at my share of walls – but is that the worse thing someone can do.

In Australia, let’s pin gaming against the real-world sport of Rugby League; during the State of Origin, there is a spike in domestic abuse; let that sink in. Every couple of weeks, there is more controversy from the players. By correlation, we have an abusive fan base and abusive players. If every week there was a case of Fortnite players being abusive and the people watching their streams doing the same, then I guarantee you that we would not hear the end of it, let alone have a stadium build for them.


The language behind this article should be questioned; the questions are trying to funnel you into admitting that gaming negatively effects you, for example, “Has your gaming stopped you from taking part in other activities you used to enjoy?“, of course it has – I locked myself away with TLOU2. I recommend gamers do that to enjoy the games they love. My point for all this is, we need to stand on the pillar and defend our past time; gaming is not all good, Rugby is not all bad – we need to make sure the good in gaming is highlighted.

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