The top five list of most anticipated games of 2021

Hello there fellow gamers; as we stand at the precipes of 2021, uncertain about what the future holds, there is one thing we can be sure of—the top five list of most anticipated games of 2021. This list is my opinion, so if I missed a game, please let me know. If you think I am wrong – tell me why.

As we roll into 2021, we should remember that the Pandemic is still in the mix, resilient to leave like your parents conversing with friends in the hallway, they are on their way out, but the conversations doesn’t seem to be ending. That’s what the Pandemic is like; we get zero cases for three weeks, and then out of nowhere, we are back to lockdown. The companies developing these games might not even be able to deliver. This Pandemic has finally flown through its brand of disruption or carnage into gaming. Don’t be angry if some of these titles don’t come out till 2022.

The top five games below are in no particular order but have done some research and an industry attempting to have a better 2021 over its previous year. However bad 2020 was, I do have good news. I got engaged and moved in with my partner, all in two weeks. No, I didn’t rush this; it’s been five years in the making. As many employees are still working from home, we might have to face delays on the below games.

Resident Evil Village

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

Survival Horror is basically living in the USA throughout 2020, but it’s also the upcoming resident evil game; taking inspiration from its predecessor, this will be a spooky spine-tingling forest romp with Eastern European aesthetics.

God Of War: Ragnarok

PlayStation 5

Kratos is bad, judging by how the previous one ended, he has serious beef with Thor, the god of thunder, as the god killer comes back to households’ flat screens – we are excited. Hopefully, PlayStation produces more consoles, or else we will stick to watching it on youtube.

Gotham Knights

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

Batman is no more, he has hung up the cape and chosen a life of solitude, or he has died – I am not sure which one it is in this universe. This does mean we get to explore the other characters in the DC universe, batgirl, knightwing etc.

Horizon Forbidden West

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

My favor with this game is no secret, Aloy is one of the best-written characters for me, and even the gender difference between myself and her did not stop me from connecting to the story.

Far Cry 6

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Microsoft Windows

Do you know why the pen only gets small updates? Because it is a good instrument – why change something good?. This also applies to video games, Far Cry has been a staple for Ubisoft and has received critical acclaim every time it releases one. In 2021 we will get the sixth installation in the series; it is based on a South American nation currently under dictatorship rule. It has the making of good entertainment, probably a good way to deal with the seventh lockdown of 2021.

The above are my top anticipations for 2021, hoping to have enticed some of you who are worried about 2021 into a positive mood. If I have missed somethingon the he top five list of most anticipated games of 2021 that needs to be on here, please let me know in the comments below.

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