Hello there fellow gamers, Indiana Jones is back, back in an awkward story about crystal skulls, nope. As Indiana states in the Last Crusade, X Marks the spot – Indiana Jones is coming to the Xbox. This story’s twist is not that a busty German woman is working for the Nazis, but that this could be an Xbox exclusive. Suddenly every PlayStation fanboy, including me, cried in despair. This original story under development will if anything else, give us more of that world; what’s better is that a video game character does not age. Harrison Ford, who iconically portrays the swashbuckling archaeologist, is no spring chicken, and demand for another Indiana Jones movie might be too much.

Bethesda is off the market

This story started late last year when Microsoft purchased Bethesda; the spending spree was valued at a whopping 7.5 Billion dollars. This purchase coincided with what appears to be a more aggressive move into gaming by Microsoft. Three days ago, everyone was touting video games overtaking Music as the primary cultural connection to Gen Z/Gen Y, becoming the most critical aspect of youth culture.

What will it be?

I have played so many Indiana Jones games; the only thing is they were called Uncharted and Tomb Raider; it was a weird version of the movies – it looked like it was not going in a succinct timeline. We can expect this game to be similar to Uncharted. The bravado of Nathan Drake draws inspiration from Indiana Jones. The most recent attempt at a game in that universe using the Indiana Jones character was in 2009, playing the game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. If we had a wishlist of what the game would look like, it would be the Indiana Jones universe and the physics and graphics of Uncharted. Bethesda has not made a thirst person point of view game to that caliber – but the company that brought us tons of hits is up to the challenge.

Indiana Jones is coming to XBox, so What do you think? can Bethesda deliver, or is this a fool’s hope? – let me know in the comments below.

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