Which is the best Fallout game?

Hi there fellow gamers, I need to scratch an RPG itch – how can I scratch it without a PlayStation 5?. dig into the past and challenge myself with age-old questions. Which is the best Fallout game? Dragon Age Inquisition or its predecessors?, Warhammer or Rome total war?. Let’s start with the first one – Which is the best Fallout game?.

I don’t have the time to go through every Fallout game, so I have to compare the internets’ favorite, Fallout New Vegas – against Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Fallout 76 is automatically out of the race, it might be a better game now, but its disappointing entrance is its downfall. That leaves it to a Fallout New Vegas Vs Fallout 4. This comparison will be based on the following criteria, visuals, gameplay, story, and sound. Lets get it started, lets work out which is the best fallout game.



The visuals are an easy win for Fallout 4, making it the best in the series. Fallout New Vegas has not aged well. The visuals are vanilla, with even characters struggling to portray emotion – all look like a bunch of bad actors.



This portion will mostly be dedicated to the shooting mechanics and how choices interact with the game. Fans can make the case that the shooting or combat mechanics compare with Fallout 4 and New Vegas that Fallout 4 comes out on top. In my opinion, though, the crispy nature of the shooting in New Vegas. This gameplay is so good that a mod was released a few days ago that crashed the page that hosted the mod. The gameplay winning goes to Fallout New Vegas.



Take your time and explore at least 85% of the game. The stories in Fallout New Vegas are very well fleshed out, and you’ll talk to every NPC that you come across. The choice between the Legion and even Yes Man among the choices you can make are very different for the ending of the game. The impactful decisions will see you eventually make a choice. My is the NCR, with interesting cases made to go with Yes Man, the robot who always says yes but also offers an independent New Vegas. The first two playthroughs are hard, this world and its stories seem endless, but I encourage you to keep going with it. For the story portion of my review, it goes to Fallout New Vegas.



This will be the shortest review of the sections, I like the sound, it has some of the best music and the sound of reloading guns is satisfying for even those expecting the best.


One of the best parts of Fallout New Vegas is that it engages the players. The quest that makes me have to give New Vegas the title of best Fallout game. Opening a manhole cover leads you to a blood cult who has gladiator styled battles in the sewers. The leader of the blood cult sends you to get some mantis eggs. The genius of this is that the vault where the eggs are is unique with plenty of environmental storytelling, and loot. You can get sent to this vault via multiple quest lines. Fallout New Vegas relies heavily on storytelling to win its fans over. It was released two years after Fallout 3. It is a spiritual successor to the original games.

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