Hi there fellow gamers; with my years of gaming experience, I have built a repository of historical information, stories, and, most importantly, haircuts. Let’s look through the top five haircuts in gaming where I justify my logic, to quality a character must have a discernable haircut. I am tempted to leave out the GTA haircuts, but there is one that stuck with me from when I was a wee lad smashing through GTA San Andreas – therefore, it is included. Keep reading to find out the top five haircuts in gaming.


The many haircuts you can choose from in this game were a big deal in 2005. You could change beards, workout, and overeating food makes you fat. The Afro cut in this game was on point, a game changed in every sense of the word.

Link – Ocarina Of Time

It’s the late 90’s, and backstreet boys are back; everyone has a bowl cut or the famous part. As a thickly dark-haired boy, I could never emulate the part link has in Ocarina Of Time; perhaps it’s why it’s on the list of top five haircuts in gaming.

Eivor – Assasins Creed Valhalla

Once again, I am living out my fantasy, and I work in a corporate B2B marketing job that has me in a conservative haircut. Long hair, braided with a christ fade on the sides, is fetishised for me. Imagine not having to style your hair in the morning.

The Seed Family – Far Cry V

Hipsters are evil, and they sip lattes, wear overpriced bad clothing and keep gadgets with no tangible use around because they keep purchasing them. This whole family has time relevant haircuts. With Joseph Seed rocking a man bun and one of his brothers a crisp fade. This insane family has lousy fashion, bad manners, insanity but excellent haircuts and warns us that hipsters are evil.

Nathan Drake – Uncharted

Never has a man been so perfectly constructed as a character, the hairstyle that Nathan Drake sports throughout the series is timeless. As the story’s swashbuckling hero battles his way through ancient temples and dungeons, his boyish scruffy hair sways and never falters – he is a personification of the hairstyle.

Did I get it wrong, if so? Let me know in the comments below – also, feel free to let me know if I was right.

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