Ikea gaming furniture has arrived!

Hi there fellow gamers, Ikea is giving a big hand to gamers – not a metaphor, Ikea gaming furniture has arrived! The lineup includes a big hand. If you remember, we did an article a little while ago about the offering Ikea has prepared for gamers; now we get a first-hand look at the range not yet available in Australia. Luckily for our Chinese brethren, they already have
get access to these as of January 29th, 2021.

The range

The lineup is organised across six product families: Huvudspelare, Utespelare, Matchspel, Gruppspel, Uppspel, and Lånespelare. Each different family includes a diverse product offering. The range will primarily target PC gamers, the so-called master race of the gaming world. The range will consist of more than thirty products, covering both furniture, gaming desks and chairs, a drawer unit, and accessories, including a mug holder and even a neck pillow. This Ikea gaming furniture and accessories is a collaboration between Asus ROG and Ikea. As gaming has become the biggest pop cultural influence on young people, it makes sense for the meatball peddling swedes to get in on the fun. This range will debut globally in October 2021, spurred by the growth of gaming and serious uptake by gamers at a time when other attention-grabbing activities are either canceled or dangerous.

Good idea or no?

I looked at the trends and growing gaming industry, recognition as art, music influence, and even the Gamestop stock rally. Gaming is the way things are going; to quote the Mandalorian, this is the way. The next thing to look out for is casual gamer conversions; I am not saying we go out with controllers in hand and convert Clash of Clans people to a Total War game. I am saying that affordability and mainstream popularity will drive these people to consoles and PCs. Welcoming them will be casual gamer-friendly play modes like we saw in the Last Of Us 2, which turn a game into an incredibly compelling movie.

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