What games are we going to play as our city floods?

Hi there fellow gamers; as Sydney faces a storm of biblical proportions, we need to ask ourselves the hard question. What games are we going to play as our city floods?. I put the question out to my Sydney siders, who are about to go from drowning in mortgage debt to drowning in a biblical flood. The flooding has already taken Sydneys North Coast, causing damage and probably pissing off the coast dwellers.

The last time we were in lockdown, I smashed my way through the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord saga and Tropico 5. If stealing my time was a crime, then the makers of these two video games would go directly to jail. On a side note, anyone playing Mount & Blade II, how do you make sure your character doesn’t die?. I have invested time, money, and effort to get the best gear, but a peasant still kills me. Sitting out a battle against some peasants after getting your virtual ass kicked, it’s embarrassing and takes away from my image as a king in the making. I digress; this is all about what you’ll be playing this weekend; hey, even tell me what you’ll be watching.

What to play?

I have some suggestions for my lost gamers out there, but I am keeping it PC heavy, i am going through a renewed love of my PC. I would encourage people to play the following. Hopefully, they help you through this deluge.

Tropico 5

As a short man, I have always been drawn to become a dictator and try to conquer the world. Napoleon was onto something. If you can’t be tall, you may as well expand the french empire. This game lets you build your tropical island as their beloved dictator. The economic simulation is well balanced by fun gameplay mechanics in this game; its also pretty cheap to purchase.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The empire will rise again! by horse, sword and shield, I will bring back the glory of the empire. But if my glory bringing back fails, it will probably be because I was slain by a peasant in one of my unfortunate battles. The realism with an interesting storyline will entertain anyone into alternative history and looking to live as a knight. Early access means this game is unfinished and still has a way to go..

Those are my two suggestion for tomorrow. What games are we going to play as our city floods?, all suggestions are welcome – except for Fortnite.

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