Disco Elysium has been banned

Hi there fellow games. The Australian government does not endorse sexual assault, violence, addiction, crime and cruelty. The depiction of it isn’t, when it comes to doing it, the government is more than happy to oblige its less moral instincts. This is not a political blog, so please don’t switch off. Irony is irony, Disco Elysium has been banned by a government department and that is as ironic as it gets.

The Morality Police

As scandals rock the Scomo government, the morality police within the Australian classification board’s ranks. Have decided to ban a physical copy of Disco Elysium from sale in Australia. Depicting sex and violence is a no-no unless, of course, you do it in real life to another person. Sex acts in prayer rooms, sexual assault charges and just all around crapy behaviour have been reported in the Australian government. Not the first time to face these claims the Australian government has done what it does best. Launching a successful marketing campaign on the issue lecturing Australians.

As sexual assault claims engulf the government, a campaign against domestic violence has started sponsored by the Federal Government. This is the equivalent of me punching you and then throwing up a peace sign. The unmute yourself campaign is great. Maybe more staffers from the Federal Government will unmute themselves, and we can see what else they have been up to.

The Elysium of it all

All the scandal and the the only thing banned is a video game. Disco Elysium has been on the steam store and available for download since 2019. Not to sound like a broken record by irony is irony, Disco Elysium banned kind of sucks. The ban has reignited calls for the Australian government to overhaul the classification system. Moving away from the “moral panic” associated with video games. Ron Curry, the Chief Executive of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, was quoted as stating, “Games are treated differently, and the classification guidelines do not hide it. In spite of the government’s own research to the contrary, when an R18+ classification was introduced for games, they still insisted on making interactivity a determinant in classifying games, unlike film and publications”.

In my humble, uneducated opinion. The moral standard codes for video games are what the government needs.

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