Rejecting a Days Gone Part 2 pitch

Days Gone 2 Rejected

Hi there, fellow gamers, as we all know, executives sometimes suck – in Sony’s case, they almost always suck. Apart from being racist to Kevin Hart in 2018, they have now apparently rejecting a Days Gone Part 2 pitch. I am not sure which is worse, Kevin Hart racism or rejection of one of my favourite games of 2019. The game started out glitchy and should have had some improvements along the way, but the entertainment was there. Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone, is the person who revealed that Sony rejected the pitch for the sequel. To his credit, he did defend their decision. I won’t defend their decision, this small studio with high ambitions designed the game. Bend Studios is known for smaller titles before Days Gone.

Critics are wrong

This game did not win over the critics. The question is, why didn’t it win over the critics?. You and I did like the game. If you google Days Gone, you’ll see it get a 4.6 out of 5; the user score on Metacritic is 8.3. How does a game me and you like not to get a sequel?. That’s what I want to know. Days Gone is the seventh highest-selling video game published by Sony, but it won’t get a sequel. As much as I hate being a video game conspiracy theorist, but I have to be. What this game needs is more representation, even though it featured some – it needed more!. The success of the game has ensured that it is coming to PC, this might reinvigorate it even further. Success on PC will lamenting it as not only a PlayStation success but a PC one as well.


In conclusion the unidentifiable reasons for rejecting the sequel have left me confused. Why a game that was a success was not successful, does that even make sense?. The game covers all bases in the story. We had the representation of LGBT; if inclusion is important to you, we had a meaningful story and an excellent Americana backdrop. I am genuinely confused and feel bad for the great follow-ups we could have had. Rejecting a Days Gone Part 2 pitch is a decision we don’t understand from Sony.

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