Hi there fellow gamers; as we creep towards the halfway mark of 2021, we hear about all the delays. The good news is that May looks like the beginnings of a ramp-up – I might even dust off my PlayStation 5 and get some of these. The top video game releases for May are almost here, and they are exciting, well, at least better than anything else on sale. 

Resident Evil Village

The follow up to Resident Evil 7, this scare the absolute bejeesus out of you while also exploring a fetish for taller women. I never played these First Person Resident Evils I did read the reviews, this closer attached take on horror works, people are scared and the reviews are good.

Friday, May 7

PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO and PC

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

I am not a fan of the constant multiplayer genre, I hate people in real life and online should be no different!. However, this game allows you to play as a Robin Hood type character. Warring factions in Britains Dark Ages with treasure sounds fun; adding frantic gameplay makes it awesome.

Monday, May 10

 PS5 Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO and PC

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Fans of the series rejoice or rejoice less, knowing that the last one was a bit of a dud. I won’t introduce you to this series. If you don’t know it, then this won’t interest you. Looking at the comparison trailer, this might make you want to invest in the series, and I might do it – it can hold me over until we get more releases. I recently invested in a second hand version of Mass Effect Andromeda and it did hit a bit of a nerve, substituting my lust for RPG.  

Friday, May 14

PS4, XBO and PC ( no next gen yet)

Did I miss something for the top video game releases for May? Well, yeah, of course, I did – I didn’t include any indie releases. I feel like my list is a bit barren. Let me know in the comments below what I have missed.

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