Hi there fellow gamers. First and foremost, I have to apologise for not writing anything. As far as excuses go, here’s my one – I have been slammed at work. I just become a Digital Communications Specialist, so yay! I am slowly climbing the corporate ladder. However, when we move up in a job, we spend the first month trying to figure out how to do the job. Once I figured that out – I decided to go back to writing for my little blog. This week we are looking at how to build your own video game with your switch.

Game Builder Garage

Our favourite fun time console just got itself an excellent new feature, the software, aptly called Game Builder Garage. I am an intelligent dude, and I am sure most of you are, but programming is not my skill set. Nintendo will even teach us how to build our own video game with your switch. Admirably this won’t be how you create the next Assassins Creed, but its functionality will surely give you some fun. You will use visual cues to assign buttons, add elements if you would like to create a racing game, then you can. Also, among the tools you will use to build your game is adding checkpoints, choosing themes, and even adding music, nothing better than techno music blasting in a platformer game.

The Game Builder Garage is due for release on June 11th 2021, for a reasonable price of $29.99 AUD. These activities give people on an opportunity to showcase their creativity and provides the game with free content. Community generated content did not make its appearance in Game Builder Garage the first time. This idea was used in Assassins Creed with a story creation mode via an online portal, it saw some moderate success. Let me know what you think, even better send us what you create.

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