Art from Horizon Zero Dawn

Hi there fellow games. This will not be the same as our other articles- a little adjacent to gaming, and we will be looking at Peach Momoko. Who is Peach Momoko? She, well, I am not sure it is a she, but I attribute most elegant beautiful things to women – I know, I am a terrible sexist and need to be hung out to dry. So I’ll try that sentence again; Peach Momoko an Illustrator from Japan, with work centred around what I like to call – Geekcore. Geekcore are things that are pop culture geek-related, video games, half-robot samurai etc. etc. Peach Momoko creating art from Horizon Zero Dawn is art in gaming.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Recently she has done a lot of work for Marvel Comics, becoming exclusive to them. But before she becomes exclusive, she is doing some work for Titan Comics around the Horizon Zero Dawn series. The unique style of Peach Momoko transferred to the Zero Dawn Wolrd. Which is already unique in feel and look, makes for some fantastic wall art, or even just looking. Non PC or PlayStation having gamers, Horizon Zero Dawn an RPG Action game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The robots are dinosaur-themed, and it’s scary as all hell to fight one with just a bow and your wits. Recently the game made its debut on PC with apparently stunning visuals. The robots/machines set to the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has gone back to a simpler time is amazing and draws in the gamer.

Enjoy some art

Enjoy some art. Why do you need to enjoy art? as gaming comes into its own and begins to dominate where music and movies used to, seeing it also come to art. Gaming as art is a fantastic indication of where the medium is going, which is a place of incredible art. Is Alloy the next Mona Lisa type female? Probably not, but as far as Geekcore is concerned, she is our version of it. Art from Horizon Zero Dawn is art in gaming, and Peach Momoko is gamings own artist.

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