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Xbox exits the console wars

Hi there fellow gamers. As we head into the weekend eagerly awaiting E3, we can see the news that one of the superpowers in the console wars has decided to opt-out; that’s right – Microsoft is looking to the future. NY Times has published an article where the discussion around Xbox leaving the console wars and focuses on a software-based future. Concentrating on subscription and cloud computing, and thus Xbox exits the console wars.

What happened to Xbox One?

The year is 2013; I have less body weight, more hair and fewer back problems. I also don’t care about politics – the older you get, the more you watch politics, not sure why but that’s how it is. Xbox has just announced the Xbox One, gamers are excited. But their excitement left when the console is put forward as an entertainment device that people could use to stream music and movies. In response, gamers revolted. The Xbox one was not a failure; managing to sell 50 million units compared to PlayStations 116 million does make for a one-sided console war.

The difference

“Gaming is much more central to Microsoft today than it ever was in our history,” Satya Nadella said in an interview last week. If Microsoft still values gaming, then how is it leaving the console wars?. While the console wars need gaming, gaming doesn’t need the console wars. As we move into a world with more powerful internet and computing, we face the possibility of having a console in our TV and one day in the fridge. As of Thursday, Microsoft was quoted as working with television manufacturers to put its game inside TVs. Cloud gaming is glitchy and requires an internet connection strength most of the world doesn’t have, especially in Australia.

Even Phil Spencer has softened his tone, in an interview with the New York Times in 2014, he was quoted as saying he would not back down against Sony, ” I am in this to win. Last month his tone changed and his approach was different, “we don’t look at Nintendo and Sony and say that company has to lose for us to win”. Gaming as a focus and not the console seems to be the vibe at Xbox, since they (Microsoft) went on a buying spree, even purchasing Bethesda most recently.

Taste of mustard

How does this change the way mustard tastes?. It changes how the mustard will taste when you are smashing Bethesda games on your LG TV without a console protruding inside your entertainment unit. However, I think that is a long way away, but the bargains for subscription services are almost at a point where they decide who you will go with. Xbox exits the console wars, is a good thing, for the future, not so sure about the present. Did I get it wrong? let me know in the comments below.

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