Mary Skelter Finale cancelled

Hi there fellow gamers; balance is the essential thing in life; I try my best to include this into my everyday life and this blog. Balance is about honouring the good and bad, so the Australian classification board got it right I thought it would be good to compliment them on their work. Unfortunately (not really), Mary Skelter Finale has lost against Australia Classification Board. Mary Skelter Finale cancelled shows that sometimes the restriction on arts is a good thing; please let me explain before you lunge at me.

What is it?

Japanese gaming culture sometimes likes too much for women to be barely dressed, and sometimes these characters look uncomfortably young. This cultural phenom is not one I will discuss, but I would like to give my two cents if anyone wants them on Mary Skelter Finale cancelled in Australia. This anime dungeon crawler RPG rated M overseas has been refused classification from the Classification Board this week. The game is due to release on the PS4 and Switch later in the year. Set to feature a before story mode that features the predecessors’ stories, Mary Skelter: nightmares and Mary Skelter 2. basically. The game features some violent and scantily clad characters who have some mixed human dragon genetics, and you score points to get something called blood maidens. Innocent enough? all good except for some small, minute, kind of biggish deals.

Mary Skelter Finale Characters

ummmm, its hard to defend that these characters don’t look under 18.

Why though?

You’re a fascist scream one person!, your censoring art screams another!, nope, I am just okay with this decision. I know the classification board is a bit too conservative and has made an issue in the past, recently refusing to classify Disco Elysium before overturning their decision. However, this time they got it right; this game is so cringing with the almost nudity of very, very young-looking characters that I shouldn’t look at it on my work computer. However, I looked at the gameplay; at some point, the dragon looking character looks to be naked, except for some bondage chains. The two clauses given for the ban are 1 a and 1 b, which are in reference to a child under 18 in sexual activity and is about improper use of violence, cruelty and sexuality in a game.

Classification Board reasons

With one less game to play the wet weekend coming, what are we to do! I am looking to put in some time on Borderlands 3, what about you?. Did you agree with my opinion? If not – let me know in the comments below.

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