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Hi there fellow gamers; as this is a Sydney based blog, we are closely linked to the new Coronavirus outbreak. Like a clingy life parter, a rash or debt collector – the Coronavirus refuses to leave us alone. The latest lockdowns will affect Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Hopefully, their coke dealers start doing home deliveries, or we will see many jittery people. As we head into Sydney Lockdown Part 3, we look at what games are out, what I am up to, and what I will be playing since my social plans are entirely dead in the water. 

Sydney Lockdown Part 3 – What to play

The lockdown is here, so what do we play. I found a copy of Borderlands 3 in a used games section of JB-Hi Fi, and I think it cost be about $10. The game is a funny RPG with Sci-Fi undertones and plenty of interesting characters, and it can be found for a bargain on most. Steam has it on sale for $29.68 if you are interested in for PC version. Sydney siders are allowed to go to the shops, so if you are brave enough, head to JB-Hi Fi or EB games for a physical copy like I did. 

I am also going to be smashing an old favourite, Stardew Valley. This simulation farming game reminiscent of the old Nintendo SNES classic Harvest Moon is my feel-good game. It fans the flames of my fantasy to ditch the city life for a slower-paced farm one. The game is $10.19 on Steam and $14.99 on the Nintendo Switch

Sydney Lockdown Part 3 – Avoiding insanity

There was a time in video game peaks of 2000 – 2012 when the TV/big screen attempted to jump into video games, literally everything was getting a video game. To avoid insanity in the Sydney Lockdown Part 3, I suggested you look at the below five games. Actually, these games might help make you insane. 

  1. Hells Kitchen – The Game (2008)
  2. Prison Break: The Conspiracy (2010)
  3. Desperate Housewives: The Game (2006)
  4. Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game (2009)
  5. The Sopranos: Road To Respect (2006)

The lockdown will end on Friday 2nd of July, and if we haven’t lost our minds by then, it will be all thanks to the great list provided by me. Stay safe, and let me know if you have your suggestions below. 

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