Hi there fellow gamers. Are you sick of browsing Netflix endlessly trying to find something to watch? Hoping the new season of the Witcher or Final Space has come out to settle on rewatching the office for the 100th time. I have some potentially good news for you. On Bloomberg news, it was reported that Netflix is getting into Video Games.

EA and Facebook

Netflix has tapped a former EA and Facebook executive to work in this space, at the very least, we know our data will be safe in the hands of a EA and Facebook executive. I can see into the future, and it is a loot box that, when opened, steals your data. If you scream that you effed another player’s mum, the new platform will cross-check the facts.

Hinting at it

The first time Netflix hinted at getting into video games was in the E3 conference in 2019 when it announced a planned mobile game based on the “Stranger Things” franchise. I like that show, so a video game with 80’s retro graphics seems like a great idea. I did see a game, but I am not sure that was the one. Mike Verdu is one of the executives confirmed, formerly employed as Vice President of Augmented Reality for Facebook. Verdu will report to COO Greg Peters, according to Bloomberg.

Console and PC look to streaming as the future of video games. We never got used to streaming, looking at video games as the future. As this is still exploratory with a hint of what it might look like with a Netflix franchise being turned into a video game, we would be ignorant not to get excited to see what else Netflix can do. Netflix is getting into Video Games like everything else in the streaming realm makes us nervous but hopeful. Do you agree? If not, let me know in the comments below.

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