Hi there, fellow gamers, to all my Sydneysiders, the lockdown has been extended. My sympathies go out to those who have lost loved ones and those who can’t work due to Gulag Gladys locking everything with a pulse down. All seriousness aside, because I don’t want to be another media thingy telling you about the lockdowns and government policy. I want to tell you about a limited edition McDonald’s PS5 controller. 


McDonald’s has always been in gaming, usually with their tiny handheld little gaming thingies, which are no longer produced, but how fun was the nineties!. Aside from that, sometimes in other countries and not Australia, you would find a PS1/2 or Nintendo 64 in the stores – that would have been awesome!. They also had their own satirical game made after them; an Italian developer did this to make fun of fast-food restaurants. 

To celebrate 50 years of McDonald’s in Australia McDonald’s has released the limited edition controller exclusively to Australia. McDonald’s first started in Yagoona and spread, I have two of them within walking distance, evidently this makes them very accessible. Only 50 of the controllers are available and up for grabs; you’ll need to tune into one of the below streams to find out how to get one; times and links are below. 

  • Muselk on Sunday at 1pm playing Overwatch
  • Jacko G on Monday at 6pm playing Overwatch
  • X2Twins on Tuesday at 10pm playing Minecraft
  • Cripsy on Wednesday at 1pm playing FIFA21
  • Kiki on Thursday at 8pm playing Night in the Woods
  • Crayator on Friday at 4pm playing Mario Kart
  • Aiden AK on Saturday at 4pm playing World of Warcraft

The elegant fries on the left, hamburger on the right and the McDonald’s logo on the touchpad is a marriage of class and style. The McDonald’s PS5 controller is up for grabs, let me know if you get one and how it handles. 



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