Hello there fellow gamers. My passion project is to defend video games against MSM. Fortunately, the video games medium had something TV/Movies could never create, choosing a hook for getting an audience. I ask you, what’s worse, a pandemic or video games? The answer is a pandemic, the virus kind, the one that has ravaged our countries and given our governments so much control, and I am tempted to grow a moustache and call myself Stalin. Let the purges begin!. 

“spiritual opium”

“No industry, no sport, can be allowed to develop in a way that will destroy a generation,” the newspaper wrote, comparing online video games to “electronic drugs”. Sky News

The Nerve of this Telegraph

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK, in an attempt to keep your attention in a post-Trump and COVID-19 world. They desperately need a new boogie man and guess who back as the bad guy, video games. As a marketing guru (self-proclaimed), I know when someone is out to get your attention and clickbait articles are just that. This article was meant to anger gamers, who would reshare and comment. I am not a pacifist; it’s essential digital marketing; the more clicks lucrative advertising is on your page. 

What is wrong with the video games pandemic?

Let’s go through the article claims about gaming. The article claims that there are currently 86 million gaming disorder victims. This pandemic has reached greater numbers than COVID 19. Let’s count down the other effects of gaming on young people – they always need saving from things adults deem unsafe. 

According to someone who has zero experience with gaming or any actual qualifications to determine these effects, health effects from gaming. 

  • Short Sightedness 

this one has some truth to it, 

but gaming is not the only culprit; our office jobs do just as much harm. 

  • Gamers thumb

This is a weird one, but I can see it being real, but not a big deal, 

  • Disturbed sleep

Our disturbed sleep is because we survived the GFC, a war on terrorism and now a pandemic 

  • Obesity

I feel like this is a world problem, not exclusive to gamers

  • Posture issues 

I am an office worker, and I worked in construction – the construction was better on my back. 

Gaming is not without its flaws, but what this article is, is so much worse. A few pieces were written about it, and that’s probably the only legitimacy: the outrage over the misinterpretation. The article is called “is gaming “spiritual opium” for teenagers?. Please give it a read here, but I would not encourage you to subscribe. 

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