Hello there fellow gamers. I swell with Australian pride today!. Is it because I am a prisoner in my own country, and I am watching my government struggle to contain COVID, managing to lose on the economy and the virus, so it’s not pride in the government. I am proud of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel made by 2K Australia, the studio shut down in 2015. Still, I just got into the Borderlands games, so I am delayed, about as delayed as the Australian government in getting vaccines out. That was my last jab(pun intended) at the Australian government. I am just a bit annoyed with a two-month lockdown with no end in sight; we hit a peak of 681 cases when writing this. However, I have to acknowledge my privilege, I still have a job, and I am enjoying catching up on video games.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

This gun heavy game is a bucket of fun with a bucket of bullets.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the prequel to Borderlands 2, no spoilers since I haven’t played that yet, but the game is another gem in the Borderlands series. I started my journey by purchasing a $10 of Borderlands 3 and had a grand ole time with it. In conclusion, I am going to work my way backwards to number one. Why not – who says we have to start at the beginning.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which takes place after Borderlands 2, includes added functionalities and adds more to the story. Including allowing you to play with previously unplayable characters. For those who don’t know, Borderlands are sci-fi games with good gunplay mechanics, a unique art style, and a lot of focus on humour to tell the story and set the tone. This game is silly but so much fun, like stupid over the top boss battles fun. Enemies will scream, “he owed me $50” when you kill one of them; it’s got a quirky art style.

It would be best if you played this game; I know the Australians reading this will not be doing anything. Particularly for the people in NSW, we will be in lockdown until the release of Borderlands 4.

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