Hi there fellow gamers, some people believe history is cyclical, it goes around and around – I would love to be alive when we get around to Rome again. Hold it, stop calling me a euro centric douche, I am just a history douche. The Roman empire tried to conquer the world, what would the desserts of Egypt looked like to them – the sense of wonder would have been awesome, we live in their shadow everytime we visit their sites. I have traveled to Jerusalem and a lot of Italy and it amazes me, but since I wont live long enough to see history go around again, playing Rome Empire Wars will have to do.


So what is it? this is all conjuncture dammit! I unfortunately do now have much in concrete but we can talk about. On their Steam page it gives us an indication of what the game will feature, not set in stone. From what is on the page, we can see that it is an RTS game based in the Roman era. The images of terrain shown in the trailer give us locations for the war campaigns. Those locations are;

  • Brittania
  • Egypt
  • Germanica
  • Carthage
  • Cappadocia
  • Noricum
  • Magna Germanica

Rome Empire Wars does bear a resemblance to Rome Total War, and it does give hope to us who are very keen on a war game based on ancient civilisations. I am a fan of the Total War Warhammer games, but history scratches an itch that only marching Roman legions or Crusaders can scratch, sounding pretty eurocentric, aren’t I?. Does it make it better that I am from Europe, so it’s understandable that I prefer my centricity?.

Main features:

  • Take part in a large scale, epic battles that mimic the real life war campaigns of the greatest Emperor’s in the history of Rome.
  • Engage the foreign armies in a tactical Real-Time Strategy fashion and use your dexterity to quickly crush your enemies.
  • Become a great leader who builds his Empire’s glory through multiple victories over the barbaric nations.
  • Make use of your cunning and make swift decisions that will lead your legions of various historically accurate unit types to glory.

The history starved Total War fans will be watching this release with eager and catious optimism. If you want to learn more visit the games steam page.

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