The GTA trilogy remaster is coming

Hi there fellow gamers. As we wake up to another week of world-ending news and god knows what kind of fuckery from the various governments in the world. We finally have some good news. The GTA trilogy remaster is coming, and it is coming to console and PC. This trilogy is kind of like the boogeyman or the loch ness monster. We want them to be honest, we see grainy photos – rumours, and then as of late, we have something that might confirm their existence.

What do we know?

The GTA trilogy remaster is coming to PC, Console, Switch and perhaps the biggest surprise of all, the cousin of gaming we all ignore – Mobile. The trilogy is set to be released in the first half of 2022. With pricing and actual release date still eluding us. Let’s break down the trilogy in case you missed it. We have Claude in GTA III, the game that set the standard in shooting shit up and running over old ladies. Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City, the ’80s is a missed opportunity for all of us; cocaine, perms and the beginning of hip hop would have been the best time to be around. Coming in last, Carl Johnson, I clocked this game within 24 hours of buying it, an all-nighter followed by a groggy day at school – we had to get one of our brothers to buy the game for us.

Recycling is good?

I am the first person to throw some shade at them for recycling; its been three generations of PlayStations, and I have only had one GTA since then. I think fans have some right to be pissed – but they did give us Red Dead Redemption. RDR 2 is a game crafted by the gods if they ever were to craft a game. Let us see what the future brings, and I wouldn’t mind an RDR remaster.

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