The inside Job

Hi there fellow gamers; tongue and cheek are always fun, but it is a bit too much on the nose when you are. The inside Job is a show on Netflix created by the writer Shion Takeuchi. Inside Job is every conspiracy theory fun and packed into a show. The show’s premise is that every conspiracy theory is real, and the company Cognito is in charge of keeping them secret.

What in the inside Job

So why the article? Well, with forced vaccinations, police helicopters patrolling the poor and unruly. I thought, what better time to review a conspiracy theory than now, and a show all about them is perfect timing. This well-written show is effing hilarious. Conspiracy theory, the moon landing was faked – in this show, it was, but only because Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stayed on the moon to form a hippie commune.

My nose bro

On the nose, is that meant to be funny?. Heck yes, this is kind of what the world needs right now. Let me explain because it is time for the conspiracy theories to be a part of the norm. Why the norm? You ask, hoping I say the world is flat and the Covid vaccine is about tracking us. Nah, man, the world is not flat, but there are things hidden or made to look smaller for the rest of us, global warming, situations in other countries etc. Nope, the vaccine is not about tracking us – but the companies producing it are shitty, and the propaganda behind the pandemic was really bad. To me, a conspiracy theory, even if it’s crazy, can hide truths.

I like this show, and it’s a mix of Rick and Morty, Mr Robot and even some humour from Futurama. It was created by Shion Takeuchi, who did work on Disenchantment and The Regular Show, Hambonning!.

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