Welcome to WednesdaySickie! For those who are not Australian you might not understand what a sickie is – this is the urban dictionary ‘To pull a sickie.’
Taking time off work under the pretense that you are sick when you just can’t be arsed to go in. Sickies also often pulled when hungover or when you’ve run out of annual leave.”

Sickies are a time-honored Australian tradition, employers do not endorse it, but it might help the average Joe/Juliette if they feel run down to go and engage in an activity you love. Taking a sickie can refresh the body and soul, making you ready again to tackle the working week with newfound zest.
I am doing this in part because it is something I have done in the past and something that has helped me in my professional life. I usually do this to take time to try out new video games and catch up on things I love doing, fishing, exploring, reading and whatever makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy the blog, all feedback is welcome and will help me develop my writing skills which is one of the main reasons for doing this.

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