Top 5 of 2018

1. Red Dead Redemption Where do we start with the game that has set the standard for storytelling in video games, should I praise them for the graphics, the gameplay, the story, the depth to all the characters – I do not know, but I am telling you this game has raised the bar. The... Continue Reading →

Please EA, don’t do this to me.

Hello, my fellow gamers, I am here to plead with our overlord – the overload being EA games which currently owns Bioware who has produced the Dragon Age series. Please o wise and mighty EA, which I have written about two articles where I claim you are the worst, but you know, I enjoyed Dragon... Continue Reading →

Cheat on Triple A

Red dead redemption, AC Odyssey and Spiderman are eyeballing you, and they are all tempting time spenders, great games, great stories and a lot to do in them. But there is that temptation to play something a little simpler, not precisely easier but maybe simpler, don’t you want to platform a little, shoot some stuff,... Continue Reading →

Video games when your older

My fellow gamers, I have to announce this – if it's not already known. I am old as shit, and my life is crazy busy, if I am not working as a humble Marketing Coordinator, I am studying to be a less humble Marketing Coordinator. Add a girlfriend to the mix, and you have a... Continue Reading →

Red dead redemption

Okay, I am back from a two-month hiatus, and I am doing the most comfortable review ever. Straight of the bat, I am going to give red dead redemption a 5/5 review, so instead of a traditional review, I am going to mention the things that make this game stand out from me. One thing... Continue Reading →

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