Cheat on Triple A

Red dead redemption, AC Odyssey and Spiderman are eyeballing you, and they are all tempting time spenders, great games, great stories and a lot to do in them. But there is that temptation to play something a little simpler, not precisely easier but maybe simpler, don’t you want to platform a little, shoot some stuff,... Continue Reading →

Video games when your older

My fellow gamers, I have to announce this – if it's not already known. I am old as shit, and my life is crazy busy, if I am not working as a humble Marketing Coordinator, I am studying to be a less humble Marketing Coordinator. Add a girlfriend to the mix, and you have a... Continue Reading →

Red dead redemption

Okay, I am back from a two-month hiatus, and I am doing the most comfortable review ever. Straight of the bat, I am going to give red dead redemption a 5/5 review, so instead of a traditional review, I am going to mention the things that make this game stand out from me. One thing... Continue Reading →

The First Three: Fucken Fortnite

Hello there fellow gamer and people who accidentally clicked onto my blog, hopefully, you clumsy bastards give this article a read through and a like/share. The first three is the first three hours of a video game; a review is based on those three hours. If a game can’t capture your imagination in the first... Continue Reading →

Detroit Become Human: Decisions

Decisions, these are the things that make up our life, do we work in finance, marketing or sales, what kind of coffee do we drink. These are the decisions that make up our somewhat mundane life, and that brings us to Detroit become human. I was supposed to get this game for free but that... Continue Reading →

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