Death of wednesdaysickie

Hello there fellow gamers, so today is a hard day for posting - well mostly because I planned to post around prime day deals but those are lackluster, you'll be asleep if I try to do an article on those - although in Amazons defence Australia did our best to ensure that anything imported here... Continue Reading →

Fri-yay! Party time!

Hello there fellow gamers, so its Friday night and I, the party animal you all have learned to know am styling my hair, doing some push-ups and adding some fake tan to my face - because it is party time! I am at home on a level of chill only the most enlightened Buddhist monks,... Continue Reading →

Too pretty to be a Witcher?

Hello there fellow gamers, I have to say I am excited - even though I have to go work in like thirty minutes the excitement is very much real, the witcher is coming to Netflix! Did you see the first images, I will of course leave them on here for those who haven't, or even... Continue Reading →

Gaming is not fat free

Hello, there fellow gamers, as I recline on my chair chilling and making the minimal physical effort - This is more of an opinion piece than anything else when it comes to stereotypes than gamers have it pretty bad, think about it, being judged for your form of entertainment. The recent article is about gaming... Continue Reading →

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