PS5 specs revealed, and they are beefy.

Hello, there fellow games, what's better than new? Nothing, new gives us hope and sets the tone for the future - but ultimately, it gives us a beefy PS5, Mark Cerny, PlayStation lead system architect announced on March 18th the specs of the PS5 which will be released during the holiday season 2020. The big... Continue Reading →

Games to play in quarantine

Hello, there fellow games, so basically the world is coming to an end - plagues, wars and disease, I am pretty sure that's how the bible calls it. Most gamers aren't fussed about all the events being canceled because of the Corona Virus, but it does mean we will get to spend two weeks at... Continue Reading →

Last of Us 2 Official Photos

Hello there fellow gamers, I was minding my own business when my phone notified me that a German gaming blog had released some photos of the Last of Us 2. I get German news notifications because I work for a German company, and google might think I am German. I digress, the notification was about... Continue Reading →

I made the switch

my patient and loving girlfriend purchased me a Nintendo switch for my 31st birthday, yeah buddy! I thought I would do a review of the console, do I love it, do I hate it, do I recommend it?

End of the Second Console War

Hello, there fellow gamers, war is brutal, war is old men talking and young men dying, war shaped our history - the war I am talking about though is much less serious the console wars! The armies screech at each other, the companies horde profits, and the Marketing departments are the generals. On the Horizon,... Continue Reading →

Twitch streaming for dummies

I want to become a twitch streamer - I am semi-funny. On top of what is happening in the video game world, the only problem is that I am a crippling introvert, and if you want to stare at me for extended periods, then you are either my girlfriend or losing your sight. 

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