Old series, new dawn.

Hello, there fellow gamers, and hello there Joseph Seed - I am coming or you hipster-looking fucker. I have been playing New Dawn and its awesome to be back in hope county and see some o the characters I liked from Far Cry 5, but one characteristic above all, Joseph the man bun having Newtown... Continue Reading →

You (not you) suck and I quit!

Hello there fellow gamers, I am here at home reading the news, and I have concluded, childish as it might be, but I have decided to fuck politics, politicians and all politically affiliated shit right away to hell, where they belong. Do you want my reasons? Well - I watched the loudest voice and amongst... Continue Reading →

$4,000 on FIFA – Gaming or Gambling

Hello there fellow gamers, are you spending too much on in-game purchases? Well yeh - in my humble opinion spending 1 dollar in-store is too much, my mate (not really) Kyle Duncan a dude in Australia spent $4,000 on in-game FIFA purchases. So whos to blame? EA, of course, is to blame for something, even... Continue Reading →

Go away, fuckstick

Hello there fellow gamers, this will be a short article to respect those who aren't waking up today. The US is one of the freest countries in the world, and it has given us some awesome stuff, but with their freedom, they are also allowed to purchase a shit ton of guns. With a lack... Continue Reading →

Joining the master race

Hi there fellow gamers, once again, I am stressed. Due to the loosening of Australian taxation, I have the money to build my PC. The thing stressing me out, apart from potential audit due to dodgy accounting practices is what will this PC be, I am a geek, not a nerd - - nerds know... Continue Reading →

Death of wednesdaysickie

Hello there fellow gamers, so today is a hard day for posting - well mostly because I planned to post around prime day deals but those are lackluster, you'll be asleep if I try to do an article on those - although in Amazons defence Australia did our best to ensure that anything imported here... Continue Reading →

Gaming is not fat free

Hello, there fellow gamers, as I recline on my chair chilling and making the minimal physical effort - This is more of an opinion piece than anything else when it comes to stereotypes than gamers have it pretty bad, think about it, being judged for your form of entertainment. The recent article is about gaming... Continue Reading →

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