why we do it

We live in a world where time is short, workers are not appreciated, and a lifetime of being robots ends unceremoniously with death. Wednesday Sickie – By gamers, for gamers is a blog dedicated to the other times in your life. 

At Wednesday Sickie, we encourage readers and anyone willing to hear what we have to say to take a day to play; we are a blog by gamers for gamers. Let us entertain you with news, reviews, and everything else. The term sickie in Australia is to take a sick day. We have usually taken Sickies on a Wednesday, mid-week, to get rested by spending time with our favourite video games.

what we do

As a blog we will provide our readers with reviews, news, and everything else. We offer input free from politics. As a result of being a politics free zone means we wont be looking to influence you into doing anything. We do not care how you vote. Well we do care how you vote when you have a poll open. Aside from that we don’t want to know.

who we are

Our humble beginnings are here and now, we are hoping you will join us for the ride. Quality content and emphasis on the gamer point view is what we offer our readers. We will open every article with the same way, hi there fellow gamers, lets discuss the latest in gaming news. We encourage all readers to leave comments at the end of the blog. Giving us feedback and indication on what we should write about is welcome for us to keep the content current, are there games you would like us to review? topics to discuss? let us know in the comments below. Emails can also directly be sent via the contact page.

We hope you enjoy our humble little blog, and contribute your feedback giving us guidance on how to be better at this.

Wednesday Sickie - By gamers, for gamers

The inside Job

Hi there fellow gamers; tongue and cheek are always fun, but it is a bit too much on the nose when you are. The inside Job is a show on Netflix created by the writer Shion Takeuchi. Inside Job is every conspiracy theory fun and packed into a show. The show’s premise is that everyContinue Reading

GTA the trilogy

Hi there fellow gamers, GTA the trilogy definitive edition first look is here, and by god, we have something. I am not sure if it is good – but it’s something?. I will do my best to explain this verbally, which can best be explained visually, so have a look at the trailer released byContinue Reading

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